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20 Times when People Left with Big Mess

There are good days and bad days which none of us can run away from. Mother nature and destiny are the main roots that schedule these two poles apart. They are those moments that stick in our psychological calendar forever. And you ask why? Let me explain. When we face an outcome of a situation that we didn’t ask for, it is hard to forget. For example, a surprise, an accident, fortune luck, bad luck, etc. Basically, a reaction that consists of you without your input in the action will always remain as either a scar or a victory depending on how the consequences are.

Good days are like blossoms for the future but bad days, uh! That’s gonna be the evil red thorn that keeps on pricking us everytime we have a meltdown. Here are some of those worse case instances, more like dating a stupid person could be a better choice than these melodramas.


1. Nex door Nancy is on the phone like, “Last night was a ‘lil windy”.

It was a freaking tornado, Nancy!


2. More reasons to hate Spaghetti.

Those loafers are very Italian now.


3. When your wife wants to know how deep you’re stuck in traffic.

Like literally stuck, sad!


4.  23 Tests on 12 year old. He’s allergic to nearly everything


5. Caught in action pretty bad.

Dang! I wish I had a video footage of this.


6. This is your car literally telling you, “No”.

Do not screw me, well you can’t actually screw the key now, can you?


7. “Mum, I just got hit by a car from behind”.

3 seconds later, “We might need to pay for the car’s damage”.


8. Daddy says, always pray before you eat.

Oh, fish! My Nike just had it’s first Ramen noodles.


9. Aunt May: “Peter, why are there spiders lurking everywhere in the house?”

Peter Parker: (Words on the street, there is a man called Spiderman) who probably lives in the next room inside your house.


10. “So what, I want a bagel, a closed shop with security is not gonna stop me”.

The cardboard kinda suits the dark theme of the restaurant.


11. Now say that money doesn’t matter again. I’ll smack you!

This bird is savage-pro. It ain’t interested in your bananas.


12. His coke is ruined but Looks like he was given sandals in recompense


13. Gonna be a blurry climb after that drop.


Wait, I hope he is totally not blind without the glasses.


14. That sand baking, how is it going down there?

And we just got a nice frosting on the forehead.


16. May-day! May-day! The sink is leaking.


17. Haha, you should feel lucky it didn’t end up somewhere nasty.

Lesson learned!

Should ask what your picture will be used for from Wellthatsucks

18. The dedication is real hardcore.

Was it worth it, though?

My friend wore her studded jacket in the mosh pit at Camp Punk in Drublic. from Wellthatsucks

19. I can’t afford to be fat now.

This is heartbreaking.

My doctor charges me $65 for being fat from Wellthatsucks

20. Such a nice texture forming.

21. How is this even making any sense?

Stick sunscreen? Just stick to the cream.

A new canvas for artists from Wellthatsucks