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18 New Ideas that Will Enhance Our Daily Life

18. Why Put Plastic Bottles On Your Tires

You may have noticed on some cold winter nights that cats often congregate around cars. This is primarily because they try to find warmth near cooling engines. Unfortunately, there are times when we don’t see these cats and there have even been instances where they have gotten stuck in the engine! Simply place a bottle on top of the tire and the cat cannot enter the engine this way. Protect your engine while keeping these cats safe with this simple hack.

19. Reason for Place A Toilet Roll Under The Seat At Night

Some people do this if they are worried about someone such as an intruder is using the toilet at night. Others who live in the topical locations may do as a reminder to check the toilet for snakes or other or other animals. However, the man in reason why some people do this is because they want to know if someone- for example, an an elderly person -is using the toilet. It may be someone who has a heart condition or diabetes and they need a reminder to measure their urine and not simply relieve themselves.