People Are Sharing Casting Choices And They Are Brilliant

The binge-fest everyone around the world has started after Covid has been nothing short of a hobby. People have become a critique in themselves and rightfully so. After all, we have been spending hours and hours of our time on our favorite movies, documentaries, and other sorts of content.

To say that, we all have found a new sense of admiration for the craft won’t be an understatement. This piece of content in particular is devoted to the best casting choices made in cinema. Casting choices so uncanny- it blew our minds. One person, in particular, started a thread asking people about the casting choices they loved. Obviously, the thread received an immense number of submissions.

People were elated. Many of them shared entries they considered to be the best casting ever done. So here we go with the compilation. Let’s go through it together. You can tell us in the comment section if you agree with them or not.


1. Manson was the cult leader of the notorious Manson Family

2. In IT chapter 2 (2019) Stan’s scars around his face are clearly visible in the tub scene, those scars caused by his encounter with it in the first movie. Reflecting the trauma he has been carrying for 27 years.






Casting directors need to consider all the ins and outs of hiring an actor which include their availability, fees apart from the box office buzz the actor can create. It’s quite a job if we think of it. Hats off to all the casting directors who put hours and hours of hard work into choosing the perfect actor.



8. The Night Stalker previously popped up on an episode of ‘AHS: Hotel.’

PS: Here’s our round of applause to all the casting directors who put hours of effort in bringing these amazing choices for us. We, hereby, give them our imaginary best casting award.


10. Maybe you’ve seen the Netflix original series “Mindhunter” and got yourself wondering if all of those crazy characters were real… Well, here are how three of them were in real life!



13. Rocketman, also starring Jamie Bell and Bryce Dallas Howard, is described as “an epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years.



15. The identical twins look alike are very different individuals. With a difference of almost 15 years, Lea Michele is the younger one. Both Idina & Michele’s parents are also from different parts of the world.





So what do you guys think? Don’t you think the resemblance is quite striking. We will keep bringing such amazing compilations for you in the future, Stay tuned.

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