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10+ Times when People Followed Instructions Way Too Seriously

All we ever wanted as teenagers was to be rebels who didn’t give one single damn about rules and the adult version of that teenager rebelled against the rule that rules are made to be broken. Frankly, everyone does that. There is nothing special about breaking a few lines to attain your goals. What is out-of-the-blue is to stick to those lines.

The people in this compilation chose to be different from the lot, taking the road rarely taken before. They read the instructions very carefully and adhered to it as if their life depended on it. Not only did they take the instructions seriously but they also took it literally, going all the way to fulfill the tasks that have been asked of them to fulfill.

1. We will not use sharp objects to open the package, just big ones.

At least, it will complete the task.

2.Welcome to Burger king

3. Taking 5 of them because that’s what they wanted.

4. Technically, that’s not a bicycle.

It’s a unicycle.

5. Going all the way down to make it very obvious.

6. The ‘or’ has been put effectively into place.

7. The free item has been collected successfully.

8.  Touching with the eyes can be really hurtful to them.

9. You asked for three pieces and you got three pieces.

10. It’s probably not correct item in shelf but ill give it a try


11. Sorry Pet You gotta go

12. Waitress at the restaurant was fed up of customer rush


So the next time you see a board of instructions or someone telling you what you are supposed to do, do exactly that. Surprise them.

(Source: Mirror)