12 Silly Designs That Are Over The Top Amusing

Remember when you walk into a mall and see some weird ads or poster that just doesn’t make sense or just doesn’t sit right? All we can do is just look at it and wonder, “how on earth can some people be so stupid enough to not see the obvious mistakes?”

Let’s just think for a minute that yes it might have occurred in their mind about the filthy designs but they just had to go with it because they can’t change it or do anything about it. That is why ‘second thoughts’ exist people!

The advertisement is an art that has been mastered by the following advertisers in a way lesser-known to the human species. You should have a look too. Strictly, for enlightenment purposes.

1. Since when did Spiderman have visible lines on pant?

It looks like it used to be Superman but got repainted. Or not Superman because Superman is Superman and this is Super Man. Clear distinction. Also, as you can see from the title, that’s not Spider-Man, it’s Spiderman. One word, no hyphen, totally different hero.


2. No broken legs I know of. The stair design make it look like floor.

I’m currently in first year of Architecture and they already taught us that it is mandatory to put anti-slippage and visual awareness tape on low visibility stairs, so this is actually illegal hahah



3. This is unfortunate design. Out of any possible place, they couldn’t find a better design for air?


4. The whole point of having two keys is what they didn’t understand.

Basically they just want whatever came with the car to stay with the car. If the rental company has multiple locations and a possible rental option is a ‘one-way’ (i.e. pick up the car at Chicago and drop it off in Detroit), they want both key fobs with the car.

Also, as long as you turn in both keys, it doesn’t sound like rental companies care much if you cut that steel cable. (Could replace it with a key ring from the Home Despot or something)