20 Times when People Left with Big Trouble

There are good days and bad days which none of us can run away from. Mother nature and destiny are the main roots that schedule these two poles apart. They are those moments that stick in our psychological calendar forever. And you ask why? Let me explain. When we face an outcome of a situation that we didn’t ask for, it is hard to forget. For example, a surprise, an accident, fortune luck, bad luck, etc. Basically, a reaction that consists of you without your input in the action will always remain as either a scar or a victory depending on how the consequences are.

Good days are like blossoms for the future but bad days, uh! That’s gonna be the evil red thorn that keeps on pricking us every time we have a meltdown. Here are some of those worse case instances, more like dating a stupid person could be a better choice than these melodramas.

1. Nex door Nancy is on the phone like, “Last night was a ‘lil windy”.

It was a freaking tornado, Nancy!

2. More reasons to hate Spaghetti.

Those loafers are very Italian now.

3. When your wife wants to know how deep you’re stuck in traffic.

Like literally stuck, sad!

4. May-day! May-day! The sink is leaking.